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Christa's Instruments

  • 5-octave (FF-g”’) unfretted clavichord after Schiedmayer
    made in 1976 by Tom Wolf, in payment for one 
    year’s rent from Reg and Lois Regestein, Boston
  • Single manual (8’8′) harpsichord after Marin Mersenne,
    made by Willard Martin in 1996. Transposing. GG-d”’.
  • French double-manual (8’8’4′) after Nicolas Blanchet
    made by Willard Martin in 1980. Transposing. FF-e”’.
    Lid painted in 2012 by Andre Boulanger of Berlin, New Hampshire
  • Pedal piano made by Henry F. Miller of Boston,
    c. 1880. 88 keys. Pull-down pedal range CC-f.