Welcome to my website. This is a repository for information about subjects that interest me. Perhaps they will delight you as well. Most of what is here is downloadable, and all of that is free.

If you need to access materials to publicize a concert, click here to download photos and bio.

In 2004-2005, The American Organist published a series of articles I wrote about learning to improvise at the organ. Some of them are available here.

Some of my own improvisations worked out quite well, and some needed a little nip and tuck. For some, I took the time to write down the results. You can download those here, and either play them as is or use them as models for your own improvisations.

If you are interested in the beautiful Kilgen organ at St. Justin’s Church in Hartford, and would like to hear the two recordings I made there, click here.

Information on more recent recordings is available here.

Upcoming concerts are in my Calendar.

Or just browse around, check out my instruments, hear some sound samples, and enjoy what you find here. Thank you for dropping in!